Inspections and tests

 Communication test laboratory is part of INSCC. 

Communication test laboratory applies a management system according to SR EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 standard requirements for the scope and specifics of their work. This system includes all policies, systems, programs, procedures and instructions for quality assurance test results. All documents used in this system of quality are availablelaboratory personnel for application. In order to correct understanding of the provisions of documents, quality responsible planning and performing periodic training. 

In present Communication test laboratory is in the process of re-accreditation to National Accreditation Body that is Accreditation Association from Romania – RENAR. 

Communication test laboratory, as part of INSCC, is independence and integrity in making decisions in relation to the activities of test, as shown by the Organisation of operation. 

Areas of activities are:

  • terminal equipment connectable to analogical interface of PSTN;
  • communications cables and
  • electronic communications networks.
  • handset terminal equipment, vocal terminal equipment, non-vocal terminal equipment (TBR 21, TBR 38, EN 301 437);
  • urban telecommunications cables with one or more pairs: inside cables, PVC sheathed cables, polyethylene sheathed cables, aramid sheathed cables;
  • xDSL-Digital Subsciber Line: HDSL, SHDSL, SDSL, ADSL, VDSL;
  • measurement of speech transmission quality in fixed and mobile telecommunications networks, using PESQ method, according to ITU-T Recommendation P.862 and R score, as ITU-T Recommendation G.107.

 Testing activity is conducted for the following categories of equipment and systems: 

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