Society Overview

The mission of The Roumanian Telecommunications Engineers Society is to promote the telecommunications sector based on services and support for its members through a forum which shall encourage the sharing of resources, ideas and information
  • Promotion of cooperation between specialists, organizations and companies in telecommunications sector;
  • Promotion of the development of present and future telecommunications sector, concerning: 
  1. Interoperability applications and networks using technologies heterogene ;
  2. Quality of service;
  3. Scenarios for production of network infrastructure;
  4. Technological and economic planning between providers of services. 
  • Promotion of the development services and telecommunications networks in rural areas using  the existence fixed telecommunications infrastructure, mobile;
  • Romania's integration into the European telecommunications sector by promoting international cooperation;
  • Promotion of legislative improvements in the field of telecommunications;
  • Facilitate the development, analysis and implementation of scientific projects, and concerning:
  1. Strategic analysis;
  2. Analysis of demand on the market of telecom;
  3. Analysing the competitiveness;
  4. Analysis of architectures and network technologies alternatives;
  5. Analysis by the regulations and policies.
  • Promoting basic research and application with a view to facilitating development of Telecommunications as a support for the implementation and development of the Information Society;
  • Identification of opportunities for international cooperation.
Executive Office of The Roumanian Telecommunications Engineers Society:
Calea Victoriei Nr.118, Etaj 1, Sector 1, Bucuresti.
Tel: 021.316.89.93/94
Fax: 021.312.55.31

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