Optical Guided Communications

Fiber optics - based communications are integrating complex structures designed to work the information signals for processing, carrying, identifying, and controlling all the way from the emitting sources to the receiving terminals. The guided optical communications is combining the electronic signals technologies with laser pulses travelling the fiber highways. The optical communications systems is innovativelly blending components, devices, and technologies within high level protocols driven networks.


INSCC involvement

The optical communications R&D activities have been regarding the main topics of:

  • Wavelength Division Multiplexing;
  • Optical solitons in all – optical networks;
  • Optical access networks.

Research Projects

INSCC worked out the following projects within the optical communications:

  • WDM transport networks – Structure, Performances, Characteristics
  • Optical solitons based communications systems.

The research projects have been delivering the following results:

  • Optical signals models within dispersion controlled channels;
  • Impairements of the optical signals due to the wavelengths inter- and intra-modulation;
  • The WDM channel bandwidth modelling;
  • The wavelengths conversion techniques;
  • Data packets within WDM transmission;
  • Optical modulation instability;
  • Optical solitons stability;
  • Perturbation of long distance solitons;
  • Producing ultrashort solitons;
  • Innovative techniques for amplifying solitons;

Papers in journals and conferences – selection:

  • Some Measurements Anomalies with Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, Walk-off Effect Contributions to Non-Degenerated Four-Wave-Mixing Noise in Optical Transmission Systems, Radu Dragomir, Sorin Puscoci, Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence, 2-5 Iulie 2009, Pitesti, Romania, ISSN 1843-2115 
  • Self-Calibration Method for the Fiber Optic Raman Distributed Temperature Sensor, Radu Dragomir, Dorina Dragomir, Sorin Puscoci, Brandusa Pantelimon, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference of Electromechanical and Power Systems, SIELMEN 2009, 8-9 October 2009, Iasi, Romania, ISBN vol.I: 978-606-520-617-5, ISBN General: 978-606-520-618-2 
  • Temperature Monitoring Using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor, Radu Dragomir, Dorina Dragomir, Brandusa Pantelimon, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Metrology & Measurement Systems – METSIM 2009, Bucharest, Romania, 5-6 Nov. 2009, ISBN 978-606-8082-22-6
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