3G and 4G Techologies

3G and 4G communications technologies are based on digital signal processing and can be used for broadband transmission. The transmissions are assured in complex networks, usually developed on large areas, in a one layer or multilayer cellular topology. IMT-Advanced, promoted by ITU-R, represents the basis for 4G networks. The main purposes are a downlink transmission rate of 100 Mbit/s for large area networks and till 1 Gbit/s for local area networks stationary or with low mobility. The uplink transmission rate is lower, but situated in the 20 – 50 Mbit/s transmission rate domain. At the moment there are at least two large area cellular communication systems which fulfil the parameters imposed for 4G, LTE-Advanced and Mobile WiMAX 1.5 and 2 Release.

The parameters imposed by IMT-Advanced are fulfilled also by ultra broadband systems as UWB, but this can be developed indoor or outdoor only on small area. The transmission band is about 500 MHz or larger and the system is developed in 3.1-10.6 GHz or in 60 GHz frequency bands.


 INSCC implication

The research activities of INSCC in the field are different, for example:

  • Analysis of performances and working of LTE and LTE-Advanced systems and services, according Release 8 – 12 of 3GPP and ETSI specifications
  • Analysis of performances and working of WiMAX and Mobile WiMAX systems and services
  • Performances evaluation for UWB systems in 3.1-10.6 GHz and 60 GHz frequency bands
  • Analysis of hybrid communication systems, wireless and wired, containing two or more network technologies, coordinated in order to assure end-to-end good quality transmissions.
  • Radio communication channel optimising.

Some research works:

Research activity in INSCC generates projects as:

  • Study concerning the evolution of 3G cellular systems towards EPS;
  • Advanced post-3G cellular networks;
  • Study and methodology for mobile WiMAX;
  • Communication technology in wireless intelligent networks;
  • Multimedia services in 4G wireless access networks.

Some results obtained as consequence of developed projects:

  • LTE and for LTE-Advanced handbooks;
  • Mobile WiMAX handbook;
  • UWB handbook;
  • Analysis of performances of 3G and 4G systems and the relation with the subsequent services;
  • Analysis of 3G and 4G nomadic and mobile services;
  • Analysis of communication security and protection improving methods in 3G and 4G networks;
  • Analysis of quality of transmissions and services.

Papers – a selection

  • „Rețele wireless inteligente” (Wireless intelligent networks), Stefan-Victor Nicolaescu, Telecomunicații 2/2012
  • „UWB și aplicații de interior” (UWB and indoor applications), Stefan-Victor Nicolaescu, Telecomunicații 1/2011


„Evoluția sistemelor celulare 3G către sistemul evoluat de comunicații mobile cu pachete (EPS)” (Evolution of 3G cellular systems towards Evolved Packet Systems – EPS), Ștefan-Victor Nicolaescu, Ed Printech, 2010, ISBN 978-606-521-516-0,

The research activity continues with some research projects concerning LTE-Advanced and broadband multimedia services 

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