Communications networks and systems security

The actual challenges in communications networks and systems security are derived from:

  • the need for optimal balance between the security functions complexity and the end-users applications costs and performances requirements. This is related to the performance constraints given by the complex security functions, with their obvious impact on the quality of communications services;
  • the enlarging of the security threats range for the communications networks and systems, while the actual development of the broadband access networks with various technologies and specific vulnerabilities. The local security events consequences are quickly propagate within the interconnected networks and cause damages to many residential end-users and network operators, communications and applications services;
  • the communications infrastructures deployment within areas with high exposure to natural and human hazards, with significant impact on the networks functions and with serious consequences on the communications services availability and quality for the subscribers and also on data security.

These issues justify the actual concerns related to modern integrated security solutions evaluation and releasing in order to provide the critical communications infrastructures security, according to the European framework.



INSCC involvement

The research and development activities of I.N.S.C.C. approach the following main topics related to the communications networks and systems security: 

  • modern biometric technologies: customized solutions for mobile terminals and m-services protection, cognitive biometry (technologies and novel applications), optimized solutions for pre- and post-classification fusion in multimodal biometrics;
  • innovative technologies-based cryptosystems, including quantum keys distributions: analysis, technologies, applications;
  • multimodal security technologies for broadband access networks: analysis, performance/costs ratio optimization models;
  • security for wireless sensors networks with hierarchical architectures: technologies and applications;
  • security and reliability relationships for broadband communications systems access critical infrastructures;
  • vulnerabilities and risk analysis for broadband access networks.


Research projects 

The INSCC research and developments activities in this area are performed in the projects with challenging topics such as:

  • Modern methods for the broadband communications systems access security;
  • Methods and solutions for data security in mobile communications networks;
  • The relationship between the communications equipments, systems and networks reliability and the security for a voice, video and multimedia services-oriented infrastructure
  • The risk management concerning the data protection in telemedical applications
  • Procedures and methods for security technologies development supporting the electronic communications services and applications protection
  • The communication networks security enhancement through the biometric identification technologies
  • The reliability of access systems analysis and modeling for broadband communications security


The main projects achievements are the following:

  • cost optimization framework for communications infrastructures through finding their critical components from the reliability-based security models;
  • security models and solutions for wireless sensors networks with hierarchical architectures.

 Some of these results were presented in more than 15 international conferences (in Romania and worldwide), and published in scientific journals, respectively.


Papers in Journals and International conferences Proceedings: 

  • A Feature Correlation-based Fusion Method for Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification Systems, Sorin Soviany, Sorin Puşcoci ,Conferinţa internaţională IEEE de E-Health şi Bioinginerie, ediţia a 4-a- EHB 2013 Universitatea de Medicină şi Farmacie Grigore T. Popa, Iaşi, Romania, 21-23 noiembrie 2013
  • A Biometric Security Model with Identities Detection and Local Feature-level Fusion, Sorin SovianyCristina Soviany:Conferinţa internaţională de Securitate şi Management ediţia 2013 (SAM'13), World Academy of Science, SUA, Las Vegas, 22-25 iulie 2013
  • A medical data biometric security model with multiple detectors, Sorin Soviany, Sorin Puşcoci, Mariana Jurian, Conferinţa naţională de Informatică Medicală ediţia a 32-a RO-MEDINF2012, Timişoara, România, 15-17 noiembrie 2012
  • A Detector-Discriminant Model for Biometric Security Systems,Sorin Soviany, Sorin Puşcoci, Mariana Jurian, Conferinţa internaţională de Tehnologia informaţiei şi reţele (ITCN 2012), Viena, Austria, 10-12 noiembrie 2012
  • A Hierarchical Data Classification Model for Biometric Identification Systems, Sorin Soviany, Sorin Puşcoci, Mariana Jurian, Conferinţa internaţională de sisteme inteligente pentru stocare/procesare a datelor şi tehnologii Web ediţia a 3-a (EIDWT 2012), Universitatea Politehnica Bucureşti, 19-21 septembrie 2012
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  • A Mahalanobis distance-based method for palmprint biometric identification, Sorin SovianyMariana Jurian,Telecomunicaţii Nr. 1/2012



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